T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach Open Up About Their Sex Life: Cuffs Over Ropes

The couple shared the deets on their iHeartRadio podcast, 'Amy & T.J.'

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach like to get sticky after working up a sweat, and all the better if cuffs are involved. Yes, that's a little TMI, but that was the topic of conversation in the latest episode of their popular podcast.

The couple and hosts of the iHeartRadio podcast, Amy & T.J., shared some of their most intimate details following the reveal of their compatibility test, conducted and shared by this week's podcast guest, Michael Kaye, the director of brand marketing at OKCupid.

A good compatibility score is in the range of 70 to 90 percent (the couple wound up being an 84 percent match), but before Kaye shared that nugget he offered what the couple agree and disagree on. They're both extroverts, intense people, morning people who enjoy relaxing at home. They're close with family and enjoy cooking together.

But there were also some "saucy questions," like their sex life.

"You both enjoy sex more than foreplay. You're both super into post-workout sex and shower sex," Kaye revealed. "And people -- they prefer cuffs over ropes. So, there was literally no question off limits in this test, which made it so much more fun. I feel like I've known you guys for years!" 

In short, there's a lot in the bedroom and out of the bedroom where the former GMA3 hosts are aligned.

"You know us better than my parents do," quipped Robach after Kaye's compatibility test revelation.

When asked if any of those results shocked them, the couple answered no.

"The thing is," Robach added, "we've been friends now for nine years. It's an interesting thing: when you don't have romantic designs on someone you're more willing to be telling all and vulnerable and I let him see my quirks and he let me see his in a way that I don't think you would do if you just started out dating. So, we actually maybe know too much about each other."

Holmes then wanted to know what the couple disagreed on. When it came to what they value the most in a partner, Kaye shared that Robach said communication is key and Holmes answered trust.

"What neither of you said was physical attraction and romance, and while both of those are absolutely important, it really showed me that you both were looking for that deep, meaningful relationship with a really strong foundation," Kaye said. "So, I didn't really want to consider that a disagreement." 

As for discussing politics, it's a no-no for Robach, while Holmes is all about it. Then there was the topic of jealousy and whether it's a healthy component in a relationship.

"So, I said yes," Robach said. 

"I said hell no," Holmes shot back.

"So, I wouldn't like to act on that jealousy or be petty or small, but feeling that bit of jealousy makes me know that I want to be with him and only him and I want him to be with me and only me," Robach explained. "I don't like the feeling, and I don't want to act on it, but knowing it's there in a weird way makes me feel good." 

"Two things -- how do you act on jealousy?" Holmes asked, to which Robach responded, "By accusing somebody or saying don't talk to that person or how dare you do this. I don't think that that's correct or healthy at all in a relationship."

"Part two," Holmes continued. "It goes back to the question when the answer was trust. I don't worry about it, think about it at all. So, it's a trust matter with me. If you wanna go do whatever you wanna do. If I see you out that window right there talking all flirty or whatever with anybody, knock yourself out! That's my woman. She's going home with me. Whatever I see there, whatever. I trust that I have to." 

Robach said she's doesn't think she's a jealous person generally, "but when you feel that little bit of twinge it's like, 'Oooh.' It just reminds you how you feel about that person." 

And all of this left Holmes wondering.

"I'm gonna take your jealousy out for a spin!" he quipped. "See if you're really gonna stand by that statement."

He added, "Maybe there's a little level of confidence or arrogance even on my part to where it doesn't register to me, and I guess I'm just not jealous in that way."

The couple has been open about their relationship on the podcast -- from sharing they're fully immersed in "dry January" to revealing her nickname to opening up about their divorce.


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