Todd and Julie Chrisley Get Into Fight About His Lies in 'Chrisley Knows Best' Premiere

The family's reality show was filmed before they began their prison sentences.

Todd and Julie Chrisley were at odds during Monday night's premiere of the family's reality series, Chrisley Knows Best. But the drama did not center around the couple's recent prison sentence. 

In the USA show, the spouses are preparing to move into a new home for the third time in the past year. 

"Being married to Todd means you're never gonna call a place home for very long," Julie explains in an aside interview. 

"But it keeps you young, right?" her husband asks. 

"No, it keeps me stressed and unsettled. And the only reason I agreed to move into this new house is because it was turn-key" Julie says as Todd looks uncomfortable. "I'm just excited to move in, unpack, and be done." 

Unfortunately, Julie's in for a rude awakening after Todd reveals that he's gutted the entire house, literally tearing out the downstairs walls and stripping the home to the studs. 

When Todd shows his wife the work in progress, she's shocked, asking, "Todd, you gutted it. What happened to 'Sprucing things up?' What the heck happened?"


Todd compares the work to plastic surgery, saying, "Julie, listen, it's like if you go have your eyes done, then you realize you need to have your neck done and then you need to have an upper lift and a lower lift."

Julie is mostly upset that her husband has lied to her after previously claiming he was only making a few cosmetic adjustments to the house. 

"Why did you lie to me?" Julie asks.

"OK, let's find a question that's a little easier," Todd replies. 

The couple's kids, Chase and Savannah, are forced to play mediators once their parents stop talking to one another. 

"I haven't seen my mom this upset in a long time. I mean, my dad's done it now," Chase says. 

When Julie finally agrees to talk to Todd, he says he doesn't understand why his wife is "getting so pissy," noting that the changes he's making are "for our family." 

"I'm just done with it. I'm over it. I feel like we are at a stage of our life where we need to find where we're gonna settle," Julie says. "I want Grayson to be settled the last few years he's at home before he goes to college. Chloe is nine. She likes stability, not doing a house and selling it and moving to another one and selling it. That's not -- I mean, I'm just tired of that. And not to mention, you lied to me, Todd."

The episode ends with Todd telling his wife he loves her and that he doesn't want them to be fighting. 

"I love you. But right now, I don't like you," Julie says. 

Despite the televised friction in the Chrisley family, there's no mention of the couple's recent legal troubles during the episode. 

In November, Todd, 53, was sentenced to 12 years in prison and 16-months' probation, and Julie, 50, was sentenced to seven years in prison and 16 months’ probation after they were convicted on federal tax evasion charges in June

Last month, Todd reported to Federal Correctional Institution Pensacola in Florida, while Julie surrendered to Federal Medical Center Lexington in Lexington, Kentucky. 

Since their conviction, Todd and Julie have been vocal about filing an appeal, and holding on to their faith in God in the process. In their final Chrisley Confessions podcast episode before reporting to prison, the couple assured their listeners that they will hear from them soon