Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Planning Epic 35th Wedding Anniversary Party (Exclusive)

The movie star couple walked the red carpet together at the NYC premiere of Hanks' new film, 'A Man Called Otto,' on Monday.

Love in the air! Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are planning to really celebrate their upcoming anniversary in style.

The superstar couple walked the red carpet at Hanks' new film, A Man Called Otto, in New York City on Monday, and couldn't have looked happier as they posed for photos side by side and enjoyed one another's company.

ET's Rachel Smith was on the carpet, and spoke with each of the love birds about their forthcoming 35th anniversary.

"That's coming up! That's coming up, yeah," Hanks said, beaming, before recalling the pair's blow-out 30th anniversary, gushing, "That was something else."

"You know, it's funny, it seems like it was last year. But that's how fast things go along," Hanks added. "But that was such a great party, that people who were not at that party claimed to have been at that party. That's how good of a party it was."

Manny Carabel/WireImage

Wilson also spoke with ET about the upcoming milestone anniversary, and she played coy about what might be in the works.

"That is a big secret," Wilson said with a smile when asked about any big plans.

While Hanks stayed tightlipped about anniversary plans, the celebrated star had a lot to say about getting to work with his son, Truman, in his new movie -- and if he would ever want to work alongside the rest of his talented family on a film project in the future.

"No, because I don't want it to be work. I'd like to, you know, I'd like to take a camping trip across the country altogether," Hanks said. "I don't think any of us want to have to show up at a call time and, you know, and ask the question, 'How many shots before lunch?' Nobody wants to do that."

Hanks' new film A Man Called Otto hits theaters in wide release on Jan. 13.