Tom Hanks Reveals David S. Pumpkins' Return to 'Saturday Night Live': 'Any Questions?'

Tom Hanks David S. Pumpkins SNL

Hanks' bizarrely lovable out-of-nowhere immediate meme of a Halloween character will be gracing our TVs yet again. Any questions?

David S. Pumpkins is coming back! Any questions?

Tom Hanks teased the return of his bizarre and beloved Saturday Night Live character on Twitter on Thursday, tweeting simply his signature sign-off, "Any questions?"

Pumpkins became a phenomenon last season on SNL, possibly because on a season dealing with the 2016 election and heavier topics, he was just so delightfully.... weird!

Hopefully, just like costumes and candy, Hanks' unforgettable character will become a Halloween staple for us to enjoy for years to come. Watch the video below to relive the sketch.

SNL returns on Sept. 30 with host Ryan Gosling and musical guest JAY-Z.

Meanwhile, Emma Watson recently gushed to ET about Hanks.

Watch below for her kind words to her The Circle co-star.