Tom Hardy Transforms Into Al Capone in First Trailer for Gangster Biopic: Watch

Tom Hardy, Capone
Vertical Entertainment

Accent. Prosthetics. Machine gun. It's all here.

Tom Hardy has gone full Al Capone. Accent. Prosthetics. Machine gun. It's all there in the first trailer for Capone (previously titled Fonzo), the long-in-the-works biopic about Chicago's most legendary gangster.

"Do you know what the difference is between Adolf Hitler and Al Capone?" Jack Lowden's FBI agent says in the trailer. "Hitler's dead. Capone lives like a king in Florida."
The biopic also stars Linda Cardellini, Noel Fisher, Matt Dillon and Kyle MacLachlan and hails from director Josh Trank, who broke big with 2012's Chronicle and broke bad with 2015's disastrous Fantastic Four reboot.
But Capone already has the Rian Johnson seal of approval. "This movie is batsh*t bonkers (in the best possible way) and believe me you’re going to want to see it," he tweeted. And if it's good enough for Rian Johnson...

Capone is streaming May 12. "It was supposed to be in theaters next month, but there’s no theaters. I’m very grateful we can do it this way for everyone at home right now," Trank said on Twitter. "Hopefully will be on the big screen later this year!"