Tom Holland, Kevin Hart, Tom Hanks and More Read Hilarious 'Mean Tweets'

Anne Hathaway and John Cena got in on the fun too.

A-list stars are once again reading people's less-than-flattering thoughts about themselves. On Monday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, more than 10 celebrities participated in the latest edition of the show's "Mean Tweets" segment, and had epic responses to the rude social media messages.

"Well Tom Holland is an absolute wanker," the 25-year-old actor read, before responding with a shrug and epic comeback, "And he's also Spider-Man."

"This is just wrong," Kevin Hart complained before reading the mean message targeted at him. "Shaq's penis is Kevin Hart," the tweet read. The comedian got the last laugh, quipping, "Well, you got a talented one."

Tom Hanks' mean tweet lamented that the actor was "so sweaty" in Top Gun, and told him to "Get a shower, you smelly little dwarf."

"That I take personally," Hanks joked in response, alluding to the fact that it's actually Tom Cruise who stars in the flick.

"I bet Anne Hathaway has a weird vagina," another mean tweeter wrote. "Well you'll never know, russddylan," Hathaway said, reading the person's Twitter handle.

Other tweets featured someone telling Ted Danson that "he's got a face I'd like to s**t on," claiming that Dakota Johnson "has some serious d**k nose happening," and complaining that Allison Janney "looks like a substitute teacher everyone hates."

"When Timothee Chalamet f**ks a peach it's 'art' but when I do it I'm 'no longer welcome at my uncle's farm," another tweet quipped, referencing a scene in the actor's flick, Call Me By Your Name.

Ted Lasso star Hannah Waddingham was also the subject of a mean tweet. "This is no hate to Hannah Waddingham because I'm sure she's lovely but she LOOKS insufferable," a person wrote. "F**k you," she replied. "How about that?"

It was perhaps John Cena who had the best response, though, after he read a message that stated, "F**k off @JohnCena you talentless ball sack."

"I take offense to this. Only because a ball sack holds a ton of talent," he said with a completely straight face. "It has half of the DNA to create human life. That's a pretty fascinating thing."

Watch the video below to see another "Mean Tweets" segment.