Tommy Lee's Wife Brittany Furlan Updates Fans on How She's Doing Amid Pamela Anderson's Doc and Book

Furlan told fans she's not taking anything too personally.

Tommy Lee's wife, Brittany Furlan, told fans not to worry about her on Thursday amid a resurged interest in her husband's love story with his ex-wife, Pamela Anderson. 

Former Playboy Playmate Anderson released her documentary, Pamela, a love story, and memoir, Love, Pamela, on Tuesday. In both, she details her whirlwind marriage to Mötley Crüe drummer Lee and the subsequent leak of their now-infamous sex tape that she says led to the end of their union. In both book and movie, Anderson describes Tommy her ultimate true love while also reigniting attention for Lee's alleged violent outbursts. 

"I'm sure it's going to be annoying to his wife. I'd be annoyed," Anderson told the Wall Street Journal of her memoir this week. 

Furlan cleared the air on TikTok, negating Anderson's point. 

"I just wanted to come on here to let you know that I'm OK," Furlan said in a video, "because I know people have been checking on me, which is really nice, and I'm good. Don't worry, and don't worry about all the people that are saying all the mean things that they're saying. That's totally, you know, I don't live in that world. So, please don't stress and thank you to all the people that have been so sweet."

Furlan continued by sending love to her fans and haters alike. "We are only here for a certain amount of time, so I don't sweat the comments from people that don't know me, or my relationship or anything like that," she said. "I love everyone that's been really kind. I'm sending love to those that have been unkind because I think they probably need it and it is what it is. It's life, I guess." 

Furlan added that Lee has also been able to remain unfazed. "I'm lucky to have a really loving husband who honestly laughs all the stuff off and could care less but don't worry about anything," she said. "Thank you to everyone that's been sticking up for me and stuff like that." 

She finished with a message of openness. "I leave my comments open if you feel like you wanna get it out and say something mean to me or try to tear me down, go ahead," she said. "Honestly I have done so much self work that, you know, I realize where it's coming from. With that said, I'm sending so much love out there to everyone, the good and the bad, and don't worry about anything and I'll be back to my continued program as usual very soon. Love you guys." 

Furlan, 36, and Lee, 60, married in 2019, a year to the day after Lee first proposed. They first sparked romance rumors in 2017. 



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