'Too Hot to Handle' Star Harry Jowsey Launching New Dating App (Exclusive)

Harry Jowsey launches dating app Lolly
Harry Jowsey/Lolly

The reality star has teamed up with Milo Manheim, Mike Majlak and others for an all-new social dating platform.

Harry Jowsey is taking the dating game to a whole new level!

The 24-year-old reality star, who fans fell in love with on season 1 of Netflix's Too Hot to Handle, has teamed up with Milo Manheim, Mike Majlak and others to launch a new dating app called Lolly.

"I don't think I've ever been so excited to be a part of something. As you know, I love dating and meeting new people, and this is something I've been so passionate about," Jowsey exclusively tells ET. "Giving relationship/dating advice has always been a huge part of what I do. Talking to the team, I really connected with their vision and where they see taking dating. So, it was a no brainer to join the team and back a winning horse."

"I've been good friends with Mike for a while now, and this has just been a blessing to work alongside great people like Mike and Milo," he adds. "We've been buzzing to get this app launched and show the world what online dating should be like."

Described by Jowsey as "TikTok meets Tinder," Lolly (short for lollipop) allows people to showcase their personalities through short-form video content, in an attempt to help them come across more interesting, funny and authentic. Instead of swiping left or right on someone based on just a few photos, for example, users can get a real sense of other people based on the video content they post on the app. If interested in that person, they can directly send them a "crush."

"None of the other dating apps were working; they were all the same," Jowsey explains. "All that mattered were things like being above 6 feet, having a boat, being hot, but that's so surface level. There's a lot more to people than just what they look like. Six pics and a few sentences can't sum up who someone is."

"Personality is greater than looks, and Lolly is a dating app you won't be embarrassed to be on," he adds. "You'll actually get to match and meet people you really connect with, because you get to learn who they are through the videos they share. You can actually be yourself because that's what really matters. You can be funny, charming, talented, etcetera, and you can show that all through video. You can't do that with pics."

Jowsey tells ET that he's on the app himself, along with other celebrities and famous pals who are also looking for love and friendship.

"I am as single as it gets, until the right person matches me on Lolly," he says, adding that the key to making a great profile is being "unapologetically" yourself. "Lolly gives me a great opportunity to show more of my personality through videos and my playful side, whereas being on reality dating shows only shows a little percentage of my personality."

"To be honest, Im looking for someone with great energy and someone who is driven," he continues. "If you tick those two boxes, I will want to marry you on the spot. So download Lolly and come match me!"

When he hasn't been busy with the new dating app, Jowsey has been keeping up with the all-new season of Too Hot to Handle, which is out now on Netflix and features a new group of 10 sexy singles.

"Everyone on this new season is so lovely, I love them!" he shares. "I'm actually with Chase DeMoor and Nathan Webb right now and I've reached out to a handful of them just to make sure they are handling everything OK."

"This second season is absolutely nuts," he raves. "At this rate, there will be no money left. I'm excited to see how the final episodes play out."

As for whether he's stayed in touch with his own castmates from season 1?

"Honestly, everyone has drifted off and been focusing on their careers which has been awesome to see," he shares. "I still talk to a few of them here and there. I just had Nicole O'Brien and Chloe Veitch on my podcast, and it was super fun to connect with them again."

Seasons 1 and 2 of Too Hot to Handle are streaming now on Netflix. Hear more in the video below.