'Too Hot to Handle' Star Harry Jowsey Addresses Split From Francesca Farago

'Too Hot to Handle'

Too Hot to Handle couple Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey have called it quits on their romance, and now Jowsey is sharing his side of the story. The pair -- who began dating on the hit Netflix reality series and continued seeing each other after production ended -- announced Tuesday that they'd split up, and both have now addressed the split in emotional YouTube videos.

"I was so in love and I was so drawn to her and my eyes have never been for anyone but Francesca," Jowsey said in his 10-minute video, titled, "I broke up with her," which he posted a day after Farago posted her own video announcing the breakout.

According to Jowsey, his decision to call things off stemmed from two different issues: both the long-distance nature of their relationship and their volatile personalities.

"When we were together, we were always on edge, always. We would have the highest highs -- then like, the happiest moments of my entire life were with her. But when things were bad, they were really bad," Jowsey shared. "Every time we would fight, it would just be the worst, most depressing times in my entire life."

He also said that they had previously split up after he "saw a different side" of her that he'd never seen before during a visit, but that they rekindled their romance around the time Too Hot To Handle premiered on Netflix.

"She's a wonderful person. She's so gorgeous," Jowsey shared. "She's well and truly out of my league. She's a superstar and I'm so proud of her... I'm always gonna have a soft spot in my heart for her."

According to Farago, in a video she shared on Tuesday revealing the news of their breakup, it was Jowsey who called things off due to the distance between them.

"Harry and I are not together anymore," Farago, 26, shared with her fans, adding she "obviously was heartbroken" by the decision.

According to the reality star -- who lives in Vancouver, Canada -- trying to plan trips to visit Jowsey at his place in Los Angeles didn't pan out, and her ex "couldn't do long-distance anymore."

Jowsey made headlines when he popped the question to Farago, using a Ring Pop candy, during a virtual Too Hot to Handle reunion over video chat in May.

In her recent video, Farago explained that she "genuinely thought we were going through a rocky period" but that they'd manage to work things out eventually, and that she intended to move to California in the near future to be closer to her beau.

However, she claims that Jowsey never "reciprocated" her efforts to fix the problems they'd found themselves facing as a couple, which is why she now understands that she "can only tolerate so much and I need to move on."

Farago said she "thought we were going to get married," but realizes now that they have "different mindsets" regarding the future of their relationship.

"I cannot fake a relationship. I cannot pretend that everything is going to be okay," Farago shared, citing the importance of her mental health to her physical well-being. She went on to say that she made the video to "announce that we're not together and we're not getting back together because I needed to solidify that in my own brain."

"The love I had for him was very, very, very, very real," a tearful Farago shared with viewers.

Meanwhile, Jowsey confirmed the news of their split, and his role in calling for the breakup, while also promising to explain his decision in an Instagram Live he plans to do on Wednesday.

"Going to go live on Instagram tomorrow to explain why I broke up with Francesca," Jowsey tweeted. "Thanks for the love & support ? nothing bad has happened so please don’t jump to conclusions, I’ll explain it all tomorrow in detail. Thanks for understanding."

Farago opened up about her relationship with Jowsey back in April, when the couple spoke with ET's Lauren Zima via video chat, and she had nothing but love for her then-boyfriend.

"I love him so much. It's actually crazy to think about, because the circumstances that we met are unlike any other. I think we are going to be connected for life," Farago shared. "It's hard being away from him because he is in Los Angeles and I am in Vancouver. But once this quarantine is over, we are going to move in together and it's going to be amazing and magical. We are going to get married and have kids!"

Check out the video below to hear more.


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