'Too Hot to Handle' Star Francesca Farago Confirms She Dated Diplo (Exclusive)

The models tells ET they dated 'off and on for a very prolonged period of time.'

Warning: Major Too Hot to Handle spoilers ahead! Do not proceed unless you've binge-watched all eight episodes of the Netflix dating series.

Francesca Farago may be head over in heels in love with Harry Jowsey, but long before the Too Hot to Handle retreat began, she was hanging out with a famous DJ/producer.

While chatting with ET via Zoom this month, the 26-year-old model confirmed she dated Diplo (real name: Thomas Wesley Pentz) "off and on for a very prolonged period of time."

"We've been friends for, like, six, seven years. We've hung out on and off over that period of time," she explained to ET's Lauren Zima. "We are friends, we are close friends."

Of how she thinks Diplo feels about her being on the show, and finding love with Harry, Francesca said she "thinks he is supportive of it."

"When I found out that there was an article about me dating him I sent it to him, like, 'Tee-hee,' and he thought it was funny," she revealed. "So I think everyone has just been really supportive and I think they are just excited to see what goes down."

Francesca and Harry both admitted to ET that keeping their relationship a secret for so long was challenging. Filming for the show wrapped a year ago, so they've had to stay hush for a while now, only dropping subtle hints about their relationship on social media.

Harry confessed that it's been extra difficult on his end, telling ET it's hard to compete "with all the rappers and NBA players" hitting Francesca up via Instagram DM. 

"She has quite an interesting relationship history," he said. "It comes down to just trusting each other."

Francesca shared that she has been open and honest with Harry about her dating past, ever since they first met in the villa.

"From day one I told him, like, I have been down certain roads with certain people," she recalled. "I have dated a bunch of people who are in spotlights and stuff like that, but that's not what I am looking for. I am looking for someone who I can cherish and who cherishes me ... and we just love each other so much."

"Harry basically gave me everything I needed in a relationship and it's just a lot of reassurance as well," she continued. "He kind of amps me up too. Like if he finds out I dated someone, he's like, 'Yeah, go you!' He's like my No. 1 cheerleader, which is great, honestly. He is not jealous, he does not make me feel bad about things in my past. He is just very supportive."

All that being said, here's to hoping Diplo will Instagram Live Francesca and Harry's future nuptials, like he did with Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' "secret" Las Vegas wedding. In the meantime, hear more from the Too Hot to Handle cast in the video below!