Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth on Brian Austin Green and Their Own Struggles in the Spotlight (Exclusive)

The two also teased what fans can expect from their upcoming '9021OMG' podcast.

Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling will always have a special place in their hearts for Beverly Hills, 90210. The actresses and best friends remain close with their former co-stars -- reuniting last year for the short-lived BH90210 reboot -- and will always have each other's back.

Spelling recently shared a photo of herself with Garth and Brian Austin Green, reminiscing about their friendship and working together. While Green has been making headlines after his ex Megan Fox slammed him for posting photos of their kids, Spelling and Garth told ET that they continue to be "very protective" of him.

"Both of us are very protective and this is definitely something we'll probably bring up on the podcast. But that picture was kind of unrelated," Spelling told ET's Katie Krause about her nostalgic post. "We're starting to bring up old pictures of 90210 and the cast because we're starting the podcast. I actually was just looking through pictures from last year when we did BH90210 and I found that picture and I was just having a moment where I was thinking how proud I am of these two people that were my childhood friends."

"They're both such dynamic parents that really do it all," Spelling continued. "Jen and Brian and I were the youngest. So that's why the three of us have this really special bond. And to have gone on this journey and now be parents to so many kids between the three of us, I mean I could never have pictured Brian being the type of dad he is. He was a little boy. He was a teenage boy!…He's an awesome dad."

Garth was 18, while Spelling and Green were 17 when they joined 90210. The show would go on to run for 10 seasons from 1990 to 2000, with the three actors, as well as Ian Ziering, being the only original stars to appear during its entire run.

Over the decade, the actresses experienced many highs and lows, the pressures of Hollywood and their own struggles in the spotlight. However, they remain "super grateful" for their 90210 days.

Explaining that their fans were the "least of their concerns" as celebrities, Garth said, "The fans are the reason why you do what you do. And all the other stuff that comes with being in the industry that we're in, you have to learn how to handle it, you have to learn what works for you and what doesn't."

"And what works for Tori might not work for me and vice versa," she continued. "But we learned at such a young age that I think we really have an advantage because we know what we're dealing with, we know the beast and we just know how to survive."

"Thick skin, we've developed really thick skin," Spelling added. "For 30 years having to just deal with all the amazing stuff but also the negative people. Nowadays it's social media and cyberbullying, but we had a version of it back then, it was just very different. You just have to navigate it and not take things personally, which is still really hard."

Meanwhile, Spelling and Garth have once again teamed up for a new project, their 9021OMG podcast, and can't wait to bring their fans and former co-stars along for the ride.

The idea came as the two started to get nostalgic about the show's 30th anniversary. "We got to be with each other a lot last summer [filming BH90210]," Garth explained. "We have so much fun working together, so we're always looking for opportunities to put projects together so we can hang out with each other."

For the first time ever, the two actresses will revisit their old episodes and share behind-the-scenes secrets from their time on the show.

"To be able to watch them with Tori and with all the fans, it's gonna be a really fun experience, so we're looking forward to it," Garth said with Spelling adding, "And we think, probably, very therapeutic at the same time."

There will be some episodes and scenes that will be harder to watch for them. Garth admitted, "To be honest with you, the ones with Luke [Perry] will be really difficult for me to sit through. But you know, I'll find beauty in it."

While the two will make sure to pay tribute to the late actor, they hope to be able to include their former co-stars, as well as more special guests, including Eva Longoria who had a minor role in the show early in her career.

"We don't really have an agenda other than hanging out together, rewatching our old show and just having a lot of laughs and visiting with the fans," Garth expressed. "So that's what we hope to get out of the show."

Spelling added, "People feel like they grew up with us. They feel like we were their friends, but they only got to see one side of the equation and that's what happened on camera. So we want to fill in the blanks of what happened as soon as the camera stop rolling because the magic and the love between this group is real."

9021OMG podcast premieres Nov. 9 on iHeartRadio.



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