Tori Spelling Shares Why She Won't Join 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' (Exclusive)

Spelling has shut down rumors that she was set to join the Bravo series’ 11th season alongside her mom, Candy Spelling.

She’ll forever be associated with the Beverly Hills zip code, but don’t expect to see Tori Spelling on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Spelling has shut down rumors that she was set to join the Bravo series’ 11th season alongside her mom, Candy Spelling.

“There's rumors every single season,” Spelling responded, sitting down with Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star Jennie Garth for an interview with ET’s Katie Krause. “I don't even know where they come from. I've always said I'm a huge fan. Jen knows I'm a huge fan. I watch all the Housewives -- I love it! It's my entertainment."

“We work hard, we mom hard and at the end of the night I'm like, ‘I'm putting on my Housewives,’” Spelling continued. “[But] no clue where [the rumor] came from.”

Spelling, 47, joked that even if she wished to join the show, Garth, 48, wouldn’t let her.

“It's not up to me!” Garth chimed in.

“We have so many projects that we want to do on camera and off camera,” Spelling explained. “We're really good producing partners as well, so we have so many exciting things lined up that I'll stick to being a viewer.”

Garth, too, won’t be considering the show, admitting it’s “not my jam.”

The friends have enough on their plates without reality television, with Garth noting that there’s a whole list of shared projects they work through each day. That includes their new joint podcast, 9021OMG.

“[You] never know what we're going to say,” Spelling teased about what to expect from the podcast. “But it's always going to be fun.”

We never know what we're going to say!” Garth added. “It'll be a fun ride for sure.”

The pals also have a show in the works, which they’re remaining tight-lipped about, and numerous projects which they believe fans will be surprised to see them venture into.

They’re also about to commence production on a holiday movie. “We created it, we're producing it and starring in it,” Spelling shared.

While creating the story, Garth and Spelling collaborated with “brilliant writers” and the same creators who worked on the Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot, BH90210.

The reboot aired on Fox in 2019, 19 years after the beloved series ended.

Spelling said that she and the gang “moved mountains” to bring the project to life, adding: “We were told getting the whole cast back together’s impossible. But we like being challenged with the impossible because it makes our drive go even harder." 

“We had so much fun filming the show and I feel like in life people say, ‘You can't go home again,’ and we proved we could go home again,” Spelling shared. “Not just professionally, but personally -- it all came full circle, so that was really great.”

While castmate Shannen Doherty later revealed that her breast cancer had returned, Garth and Spelling say she admirably powered through working on the reboot, keeping her illness quiet at the time.

“She actually didn't share with us that her cancer had come back,” Spelling noted. “We didn't find out until after. And, that's just a testament to her because she didn't want people to feel bad for her or think she couldn't work as hard, and she worked so hard. We wished she had shared it with us because we wanted to be there for her during that experience, but the fact that she didn't tell anyone speaks volumes of her work ethic and the type of strong person that she is.”

Garth agreed: “Shannen's just a really strong person. An Aries -- she's very determined. You don't think about cancer when you're working with her or hanging out with her. That's not what her life is. She's just Shannen, our friend and castmate. And that she's dealing with such a heavy thing is hard.”

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