Tori Spelling Wants to Be on 'Real Housewives' But Claims Andy Cohen Shut Down the Idea

Tori Spelling, next housewife of Beverly Hills? Andy Cohen apparently didn't think so.

Tori Spelling spoke up about how her dreams of joining the Real Housewives franchise were allegedly dashed by Andy Cohen during a fateful conversation on Watch What Happens Live. 

"There was always speculation I was going to be on the show," Spelling told Bethenny Frankel during a recent appearance on the ReWives with Bethenny Frankel podcast. "It would be like, 'Tori Spelling in talks,' and I'd be like, 'What are these talks?' They've never even called my agent." 

Spelling went on to explain she thought nothing of the rumors until she heard that her friend, Jennie Garth, had been invited to join instead. 

"When Jennie said, 'Oh yeah, they offered it to me one year,' I was like, 'OK,'" Spelling continued. "I don't have any ego at all, and I've been beaten down for years, but I've got to say, I was kind of an OG Beverly Hills girl." 

Spelling spent years appearing as a guest on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and rose to fame in her own right for her role on Beverly Hills, 90210. She explained to Frankel that she felt she better represented the RHOBH brand than most, and then took her quandaries to Andy Cohen while on What What Happens Live. 

"I say something to Andy because I couldn't hold it in," Spelling said. "I was like, 'I'm just going to make a super passive-aggressive comment about it.'" 

Spelling told Frankel that Cohen's response to her inquiry was confusing, allegedly telling her, "That just doesn't make sense, I would never think of you for that show. I just don't see the connection."

Spelling was confused. "I was like, 'What?'" she recounted. "I said, 'I'm friends with every single person on the show.' So who knows? He'll hear about this." 

Despite the frustration, there's no bad blood between Spelling and Garth, who also starred on 90210 and seemingly turned down the invitation to join RHOBH. The two have co-hosted a 90210 rewatch podcast, 90210MG, since October 2020, reuniting with past co-stars and famous friends each week. Earlier this month, they took to Instagram with fellow co-star Lindsay Price to recreate a scene from the popular 1990s teen drama.

"It’s a 90210 reunion, as @jenniegarth and I celebrate NYE with @lindsayjprice and @curtisstone on their new show In the Spirit with Lindsay and Curtis!" Spelling captioned the post, while promoting Price's TV show with her celebrity chef husband, Curtis Stone. "Tune into @hsn+ this Friday at midnight to ring in the New Year with us."