Travis and Jason Kelce Reveal the 'Very Good' Advice They Got for 'SNL' -- and It Will Definitely Surprise You

Travis hosted 'Saturday Night Live' and was joined by his brother for a couple of sketches.

Travis Kelce was the man of the hour last weekend on Saturday Night Live, but his older brother, Jason Kelce, got in on the fun too. During the Super Bowl champion's hosting gig, he was joined in two sketches by his big brother and fellow NFL star. 

In the latest episode of their New Heights With Jason and Travis Kelce podcast, the brothers dished about the pieces of advice they got before their time on the sketch comedy show. While running down the week leading up to the show, Travis shared the tip he received from former NFL star Peyton Manning -- who hosted the show in 2007.

"Peyton Manning gave me one word of advice going into it," Travis said on the podcast. "Which was the best advice I could get. He was like, 'Dude, just go all in. Just be open-minded. Be on time.'"

Jason quickly pointed out another piece of advice former NBA pro Charles Barkley -- who has hosted the show four times -- gave his brother, which he deemed important.

"Make sure you wear drawers," he said of Charles' advice. "When I tell you they’ll just throw you in a corner and just muddle huddle, and just start ripping clothes off you."

Jason added, "I made sure I packed drawers for the show."

Travis may have been the host, but Jason showed off his comedy chops as well, appearing alongside his brother in the NFL Players Give Back sketch and the Abby the Ex-Girlfriend sketch.

As for his experience at Studio 4H, Travis admitted that he really enjoyed it. 

"It’s a crazy experience," the Chiefs' tight end shared. "And to finally see it all come together, like that Friday I was through the roof. It felt so cool just being in the madness. Friday was the longest day."

The brothers didn't just get advice when it came to the live taping. Jason revealed how sports commentator Rich Eisen prepped him for the long night of partying after the show.

"Rich Eisen was kind enough to tell me, 'Make sure you sleep in all Saturday, as late as possible, because you will see the sun rise the next day.' And he did not lie," Jason shared.

"He did not lie," Travis added. "It was a dark environment too. Because we went to the after-party and then went to the after-after party, that’s where we stayed up till the sun rose."

Following his run as host, Travis took to his Instagram on Tuesday to reflect on his experience.

"I could feel all the legends on that stage… such an amazing week," he wrote next to a video of his monologue. "I can’t thank everyone at SNL @nbcsnl enough for all the laughs throughout my life but especially for the opportunity and the memories this past week. Still seems surreal!"