Jason and Travis Kelce's Reunion With Their Mom After 2023 Super Bowl Is an Emotional Touchdown

The Kelce brothers shared a special moment with their mom, Donna, following the game.

Travis and Jason Kelce each had an emotional reunion with their mother, Donna, following Super Bowl LVII on Sunday at State Farm Arena in Phoenix, Arizona.

The NFL's official social media accounts released a 1-minute snippet of behind-the-scenes footage captured by its cameras on the field. It starts with cameras positioned on a euphoric Travis, who just finished having a quick word with Philadelphia Eagles great Lane Johnson.

Shortly after that moment, Travis and a member of the Chiefs coaching staff exchange a quick shout-out before he finally notices Donna standing right in front of him.

"Momma!!!!" Jason shouts.

Donna tells him she's so happy for him, prompting Jason to respond with, "Ahhh, I love you mom. How about this, mom? You had the week of your life, I had the year of my life. How ‘bout this, huh?"

The cameras then show Jason on the field looking for Donna.

"I already saw Trav," he says. "I'm looking for my parents. I don't know if they're down here yet."

Donna then comes from behind and gives him a hug. They exchanged an emotional hug as they each fight back tears. In a classy big brother move, Jason tells his mom, "Go celebrate with Trav."

After the Chiefs' last-second field goal helped them beat the Eagles to win their second Super Bowl in four years, Travis and Jason shared a sweet moment when they embraced each other after the game. The two already made history, making it the first time brothers have faced off in the Super Bowl.

During the game, Jason and Travis' parents, Ed and Donna, didn't sit together. Donna joined commissioner Roger Goodell in the luxury box while Ed sat in the stadium seats to watch. In a video posted by Mike Garafolo, Ed called himself a "blue-collar grunt," which is why he chose to sit in the stands.

Prior to the big game, Travis and Jason's mom, Donna, spoke to ET's Kevin Frazier and shared what she'd like to see happen in the first-ever Super Bowl to feature a pair of siblings playing against each other.

"For all the stars to align and for them to get through high school and college and the pros. And for them to both play in the Pro Bowl and to play in the Super Bowl, and then for this to happen. This is just like a dream come true," Donna said. "I can't express enough how special this is for the family and it's just crazy."

During his post-game conference with reporters, Travis emotionally reacted to beating his brother on the grandest NFL stage.

"There's really nothing you can say to a loved one in that situation like that," Travis told a reporter. "You joke around all the time and say that you want to beat your brother in the biggest stage ever, but it's a weird feeling."

He added, "And that team had great leadership, great coaches and obviously it came down to the end and we got all the respect in the world for those Eagles, man. But there's nothing really that I could say to him other than I love him and he played a hell of a year, a hell of a season."