Travis and Jason Kelce Share a Heartfelt Hug After Kansas City Chiefs Win the Super Bowl

Travis and Jason Kelce
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The two made history as the first brothers to face off on opposing teams at the Super Bowl.

Travis and Jason Kelce shared a sweet moment after Travis' team, the Kansas City Chiefs, won Super Bowl LVII on Sunday at State Farm Arena in Phoenix, Arizona.

Travis is a 33-year-old tight end for the Chiefs, while Jason is a 35-year-old center for the Eagles. Travis' team ended up victorious, but Jason was a good sport as cameras captured the two hugging after the game with Jason still sporting a big smile. The two already made history, making it the first time two brothers have faced off in the Super Bowl on opposing teams.

Jason was also seen giving the Chiefs' quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, a hug.

During the game, Jason and Travis' parents, Ed and Donna, didn't sit together. Donna joined commissioner Roger Goodell in the luxury box while Ed sat in the stadium seats to watch. In a video posted by Mike Garafolo, Ed called himself a "blue-collar grunt," which is why he chose to sit in the stands.

Prior to the big game, Travis and Jason's mom, Donna, spoke to ET's Kevin Frazier and shared what she'd like to see happen in the first-ever Super Bowl to feature a pair of siblings playing against each other.

"For all the stars to align and for them to get through high school and college and the pros. And for them to both play in the Pro Bowl and to play in the Super Bowl, and then for this to happen. This is just like a dream come true," Donna said. "I can't express enough how special this is for the family and it's just crazy."

And while she didn't share who she wants to win, she told ET which son she prefers a little more off the field. 

"Right now, Jason's a little ahead because of the grandchildren," she said about her 35-year-old son. "But I'm sure Travis will take it over soon one of these days. I can't, you know, as a mother, you just can't pick one against the other. It's 50/50 and it always will be."

During Monday's episode of the brothers' New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce podcast, the brothers interviewed their mother and she talked about the pure joy she'll enjoy seeing her boys on the biggest NFL stage.

"The first two Super Bowls -- the ones [Travis was] in -- it was like, tense," Donna said. "We wanted you to win so badly. It meant so much to get that one under your belt. This one is just going to be pure joy, pure fun. You're both in there, how could it get any better than this? It's going to be the best day ever. Except for when you were born, both of you guys were born. It can't get any better."