Travis Barker's Daughter Alabama Drops Debut Music Video, 'Our House’ -- Watch Now! (Exclusive)

Travis Barker's 11-year-old daughter's music video for her debut single, 'Our House,' is out now.

Alabama Luella Barker throws an epic house party in her first music video for her debut single, Our House – and ET has the exclusive premiere. 

“It’s a very fun, neon video. I think everyone will like it,” Alabama told ET during a Facebook Live interview on Monday. 

“We shot three scenes six months ago and then we shot three more scenes [recently],” she added. "I actually co-wrote [the song] with Rachel West, my dad and John Feldmann,"

The video was shot at her dad’s, Travis Barker, home in Calabasas, California. In fact, the golf cart she drives in the video was a gift from the rocker. 

"He helped me learn about music a lot," Alabama said of her father. "Just watching him on tours always made me more confident and happy." 

Check out the fun video in the player above.

“[Alabama] grew up driving quads and dirt bikes and everything like that, and she learned at a young age. She would drive my old cars,” Travis told ET during their joint FB Live interview.  “I have a disease when it comes to cars, I love cars. And I think she caught it early on too because she loves driving them and she's an excellent driver.”

“Bama stops and uses her turn signals, very careful, very aware of everything around her, observant,” Travis said of his daughter's driving, noting that his 14-year-old son Landon is the complete opposite. 

“He is just a wild man," he said. "On a bicycle, on a skateboard, everything, but that's what makes him Landon.”

Landon is featured in Alabama’s video as the DJ, but don’t expect him to release a pop song like his sister anytime soon.  He recently told ET that he’s an aspiring rapper.

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Alabama and Travis also talked about her recent “power dinner” with the Kardashian family AND Jennifer Lawrence -- watch the video below to hear more. 

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