Trevor Noah Jokes About WWE Being Deemed 'Essential' in Florida With Hilarious Skit

Trevor Noah on 'The Daily Show'
Comedy Central

The 'Daily Show' host had fun mocking the Governor's decision on Tuesday.

With the coronavirus outbreak raging throughout the country, governors in many states have had to draw tough lines when determining what businesses count as "essential" amid lockdowns and social distancing mandates.

In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis decided this week to amend his stay-at-home order to include -- among grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies and other businesses vital to those who live in the state -- the WWE as an "essential business," allowing it to continue filming, although without a live audience.

In response, The Daily Show's Trevor Noah made sure to poke fun at the eyebrow-raising decision with a hilarious promo video.

"There is one thing though, since wrestling has been taping during corona, the storylines have gotten pretty weird," Noah explained, introducing a clip of himself -- dressed in a low-budget wrestling costume, talking trash.

"Triple H, I saw you touching your face, and you didn’t wash your hands!" Noah, in character as a wrestler, screams into the camera. "You are about to pay! I’m gonna flatten your curve!"

Noah also addressed how, at first, the WWE was not considered to be "essential," but after allegedly reaching out to DeSantis, the Governor changed his position on their status.

Noah then introduced another clip, explaining, "We actually have footage of the WWE negotiating with the governor." The "footage" is actually just an old WWE wrestling match, but with DeSantis' head hilariously and haphazardly photoshopped onto one of the wrestler's bodies as he gets thrashed.

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