Trisha Paytas Dishes on Her Breakup With Jason Nash (Exclusive)

The YouTube star sits down with ET to dish on the recent drama in her life.

For Trisha Paytas, 2019 has been a tough year so far. Aside from some public feuds with other YouTube stars, she also broke up with her boyfriend, fellow vlogger Jason Nash, with a tear-filled video calling out Nash, as well as their mutual friend and YouTube superstar, David Dobrik, along with a number of others in their circle.

Sitting down with ET's Oscar Gracey, the vlogger and Internet star said she's not really ready to take a break from Youtube, despite occasionally saying she wants to. In fact, it's the thing that's helping her cope.

"Everyone's like, 'You need to take a break,'" she explained. "I used to do a bunch of pills and drugs, but I don't do that anymore, so now I just do YouTube. And that's the only thing that gets me through. And Jesus, of course."

Paytas and Nash split earlier this year after Dobrik posted a number of videos in which Nash joked about wanting to sleep with fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau. The posts were enough to send Paytas over the edge and put up a fiery video of her own, slamming Nash, Dobrik and anyone else she felt slighted her in the situation.

However, she admits that she still misses Nash and that she had a great time when they were together. 

"He is like someone who actually claimed me as a girlfriend. I feel like all my other boyfriends, like, didn't, and so like this one was hard," she shared. "Because I feel like genuinely, day in and day out, like we were 24-hours a day for like 365 days. Like never apart, so it's hard. That's like a drug."

According to Paytas, she's been in contact with Nash since their split, and when they actually got along when they spoke. "I haven't heard from Jason since my birthday," said Paytas, who turned 31 on May 8. "We were cool!"

However, things haven't blown over with Dobrik, who she said in her tearful video back in February was "on a whole other level of being an actual, horrible person."

"David I haven't heard from [at all]," she shared. "It was just like, 'Bye!'"

As for whether she sees herself getting back with Nash anytime in the future, Paytas said it's possible, but she doesn't know.

"I'm just pretty crazy. I was pretty crazy," she admitted with a laugh. "When something's done, I have to explode. I have to have to, like, make it just literally non-repairable."

"But who knows?" she added. "Jason's also crazy. Jason's crazier than me."



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