'True Detective' Debuts Eerie New Season 3 Trailer


HBO just released a full-length trailer for True Detective's upcoming season -- and it looks intense

The chilling new trailer for season three debuted on Friday, teasing that the show heads back to basics after a much-debated season two.

Season three of the series stars Mahershala Ali as Wayne Hays, an Arkansas detective haunted by a case from his past. The trailer shows Hays -- who catches a case involving two missing kids in the Ozarks in the 1980s -- getting interrogated about it years later, clearly still haunted by it in his old age. The format appears to be mimicking the time jumps of season one, as opposed to the more linear story of season two. 

Check out the trailer below. 

Also starring in the HBO series is Carmen Ejogo, who told ET last year that she was feeling the "challenge" of living up to fans' expectations. 

"But it’s an incredible creative team on this show. We’ve got, yeah, Mahershala and Jeremy Saulnier, an amazing director, on board. [Creator] Nic [Pizzolatto] is so passionate. He has no need to come back to do a third season, but he feels excited about what he’s put on the page. Everyone’s coming in with the same level of enthusiasm that I think the audience has," she said.

"I’m personally excited to explore what that world [the Ozarks] was like in the time period that we’ll be exploring. It’s always such a privilege as an actor when you get to encounter an entirely new environment, and you have to explore and research it to be able to inhabit it and to be able to convey it," she continued. "That appealed to me, trying to find a way to authentically convey a moment in time that has passed all of us and probably doesn’t exist there now. It’s going to be an interesting challenge to recreate that."

True Detective returns Jan. 13 on HBO.


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