Kate Gosselin's Connection to Kate Middleton and 'Dancing' Picks

Kate Gosselin's Connection to Kate Middleton and 'Dancing' Picks

Kate Gosselin came by ET to dish about her thoughts on the new season of "Dancing with the Stars," the royal wedding and her recent experimenting in social media.

Kate is much happier watching rather than participating on 'Dancing' this time around. "Unless you've been through it you just can't understand how it is all so encompassing physically, emotionally, mentally." She told her girls, " I am just so glad to be sitting on this leather sofa next to you this season." And who is she rooting for? "I like the little Disney girl, Chelsea (Kane)," though she has come away very impressed with Kirstie Alley saying, " She is amazing. That she is doing this at 60 and she looks so great."

And it seems that Kate's eyes will be across the pond later this month for the royal wedding. "I am very excited for them," she tells us. "I remember when Princess Diana got married and I got up and we watched it on a little TV," though she continues, "my heart breaks a little for Kate (Middleton) cause she is suddenly thrown into this world of everyone picking her apart and it hurts me for her cause I kinda really know how that feels."

There is also one more Twitter account we'll be following closely. "I've just started doing that tweetery thing today." Kate adds, "I don't know how to do it, but I'm there. Can I have credit please?" Though it seems Kate did have some reservations. "I've always resisted all this modern technology stuff and I thought, you know what? What the heck. I'll give it a shot."

Finally, does Kate have anything to report in the relationship department? She tells ET, "Zero. Zero to report." Here's looking up Kate.