Watch: George Lopez's Hilarious Mock Interview with Schwarzenegger Mistress


It appears late night talk show host George Lopez scored the interview of a lifetime with former Schwarzenegger mistress/housekeeper, Mildred Patricia Baena. The now infamous "Patty," or someone who looks quite a bit like her,  makes a special appearance on Monday's "Lopez Tonight," revealing how the two kept their love child secret all these years, as well as answering a few more of the nation's burning questions.

Earlier this afternoon, Lopez tweeted this teaser photofor the segment with the following line: "Just hired new girl for my house - she does floors, windows, takes care of your kids AND you."

The "live" interview with "Patty" will air on Monday night's show, and don't miss ET's exclusive footage of The Schwarzeneggers as they attend a quinceanera for Arnold's alleged mistress' niece several years ago.

Watch the hilarious interview right here, and don't miss "Lopez Tonight" as it airs weeknights on TBS.