WATCH: Kara DioGuardi High Off Paula Abdul's Brownies?


Former "American Idol" judge and now "Platinum Hit" star Kara DioGuardi recently stopped by "Lopez Tonight" where she talked about a shocking, and now amusing, incident where she unknowingly ate so many pot brownies at Paula Abdul's house that she had to go to the hospital.

Kara recalls Paula Abdul letting her stay at her place while she was away, and coming home to brownies that the maid had taken out of the freezer.

Little did she know that the brownies were of the magical variety.

"Six hours later I was like 'heeey what going on, how you doing?'," she jokes. "I fell out of bed on the floor and stumbled downstairs. I was thinking brain tumor and the ambulance comes and the guy goes, 'This bitch is high as a kite.'"

She later explained that the pot brownies weren't Paula's, but that someone had left them from a party and frozen them, when the maid unknowingly took them out.

"The maid ate one and she went to the hospital – I took six so I almost died," she jokes. "I was like hallucinating. I was on IV. I stumbled out like a junkie."

She also recalls hooking up Steven Tyler with her former "American Idol" gig.

"I just had this magical day with him for like four or five hours and he was so kind and funny and talented," she explains. "So I gave his name to the producers. And I said 'hey do you want to be on American Idol?'. And he goes, 'Does it have good high ratings?'"

Check out the video to see more of Kara uncensored.