Masked Bachelor Jeff Felt Friendly Bond with 'Bachelorette' Villain Bentley


Former "Bachelorette" contestant Jeff Medolla was immediately
ridiculed by other bachelors when he showed up in a mask in what was portrayed
as a "social experiment." He now says the mask was really just a joke and a way
to stand out among the 25 suitors competing for "Bachelorette" Ashley
's affection

The 35-year-old entrepreneur from St. Louis, MO said Thursday
that he considered Bentley -- his roommate on the show -- a
"tough read," but added that he didn't believe he was an evil person despite his
villainous image. Jeff did say it became obvious after about four days that
Bentley didn't want to be there anymore and also missed his daughter back home.
"There is no doubt in my mind that he missed his daughter." Bentley chose to
leave the show before the third Rose Ceremony

Jeff said he was not surprised to be eliminated so early in the competition
because he was only able to speak with Ashley three different times and
therefore "really didn't feel a connection at all." He added that he was not
hurt or offended when Ashley commented that he was a lot older than she had
imagined and said he had no regrets about concealing his face. "It was kind of a
barrier, of course, but it was also a joke," Jeff said

When asked whether he believes "The Bachelorette" will actually become engaged
with any of the contestants, Jeff said he saw genuine chemistry between Ashley
and J.P. -- a 34-year-old construction manager from New York -- that could
result in a true love connection.

In the next episode of "The Bachelorette" -- airing next Monday at 8:00 p.m. on
ABC -- Ashley heads to a resort in southern Thailand with the remaining 12
bachelors as she continues her search for love. Tune in to see how Ashley
attempts to mend her broken heart after feeling betrayed by Bentley's jarring