Bentley's Return Casts Shadow of Doubt on 'Bachelorette'


Next week is the week "The Bachelorette" enthusiasts have been waiting for. The devilish Bentley has flown all the way to Hong Kong to finally end the "dot, dot, dot" with a period.

Host Chris Harrison ambushed Ashley Hebert in her hotel room with news that Bentley was in town. The promo shows her walking to his hotel room, where she is greeting by a big hug. "Something's telling my brain this guy's the one," she divulged. "This feeling happens so rarely, that I can't let it go. I have to pursue it."

The hopeless romantic was forced to come clean to the remaining bachelors that Bentley never left her heart and may officially be back in contention. The men vocalized their dismay at her decision. Some feel they wasted their time investing in Ashley and others believe she's making a fatal error. Will Bentley's presence cause anyone else to forfeit? The potential for a train wreck airs on next Monday's "The Bachelorette" on ABC.

This is not the first time in "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" history that a former contestant has had an encore performance. During Jillian Harris' reign, her eventual fiancé Ed Swiderski backed out for work purposes, only to return and ask for her hand in marriage. The relationship did not wind up lasting all the way to wedded bliss though, as they have since called off their engagement.

Then, during Jake Pavelka's season, frontrunner Ali Fedotowsky made a bombshell announcement that she had to choose career over love. In a tearful phone call, she asked for forgiveness and to return, but Jake had already moved on with the other women. She went on to be cast as "The Bachelorette" and is currently engaged to winner Roberto Martinez.