Jealousy Ensues on 'Bachelorette' as Ashley Hebert Chooses Final Four for Hometown Dates


The docile J.P. began to get agitated on Monday night's all-new "Bachelorette." The frontrunner had a hard time sharing the woman he's falling in love with and watching her intimate moments with other men.

The instability first arose when Ben's one-on-one date lasted through the entire night. J.P.'s imagination was racing as to what happened during that stretch of private time. To make matters worse, he had trouble witnessing Ashley Hebert kiss Ames and Lucas on a group date, in which they were taking mock wedding photos. J.P. felt like a jilted groom.

Before the date was over, J.P. pulled Ashley aside to express his concerns. He got the positive reinforcement he was looking for by being offered the one rose allotted for the group outing, leaving Lucas and Ames to await their fates at the official rose ceremony. J.P. gloated, "I feel back on Cloud 9." Meanwhile, Ames felt defeated, saying, "I feel for the first time this is completely out of our hands."

Ryan was gleaming when invited on his first one-on-one with Ashley. Things took a turn south when he seemed to bore her with talk of environmental conservation. Not feeling the same "passion" with Ryan that she feels with other contenders, Ashley let him go to prevent him from the trauma of the rose ceremony to come. She uttered, "In my head you're my perfect guy,…but I just don't know if I see you as my husband."

Ryan had gotten the first impression rose at the beginning of this "Bachelorette" season, but he didn't offer her the lasting impression she was looking for. Last year, Ali Fedotowsky had an accurate gut instinct by bestowing her now-fiancé Roberto Martinez with the first impression rose. Disappointed, Ryan hopes that he'll "someday" find his Mrs. Right to raise a family and share life with.

"The Bachelorette"'s final stop in their Asian voyage was Taipei, Taiwan. It's now time for four lucky gents to introduce Ashley to their hometowns and families back in the U.S. Which potential in-laws will Ashley meet on next week's "Bachelorette" on ABC? In addition to J.P., who was presented with a rose earlier, Ben, Constantine, and Ames all get to share the most sacred part of their lives with their possible future wife.

Coming to the difficult decision to eliminate Lucas, Ashley questioned, "Maybe I wasn't cut out for this."