Eliminated 'Bachelorette' Contestant Lucas Talks Hometown Dates and Breaks Down Competition


They say things are always bigger in Texas, but as a self-proclaimed "simple" guy, Lucas Daniels told ET he would have kept plans low-key if he had the chance to bring Ashley Hebert to his hometown. How would the lone bachelor eliminated during Monday night's rose ceremony showcase the Lone Star State?

"I live in a small west Texas town," Lucas described of Odessa. "It's not like New York or Sonoma Valley," where J.P. and Ben F. live, respectively. He continued mapping out the agenda, saying, "We do a lot of cookouts with the family…We'll get a big go-cart type thing and go over sand dunes." He's sad he didn't have the chance to introduce Ashley to his parents, brother, and nieces because his family has "accepted" all of the girls he's brought home in the past.

So, just why weren't Lucas and Ashley a match made in "Bachelorette" heaven? "We were opposite really. I'm very traditional and conservative. She's the other side," he explained, adding that they struggled to precisely "pinpoint" their differences. Although he's buried his divorce three years in his past, he thinks Ashley was hung up on that part of his history.

Had he remained in the competition, Lucas predicts it would have been "an uphill battle" to make the relationship last. He was "humbled" by the elimination and thinks "it was a good thing I was sent home."

Lucas narrows down the field, forecasting who will drop to one knee to ask for Ashley's hand in marriage. "I think the most compatible are Ben F. and J.P." However, Constantine's big fat Greek family may help him edge out the stiff competition. "He's so much fun, so his family's going to be fun." Opa! His frontrunner Ben F. also has a good chance to impress Ashley at the winery. Cheers to that!

Lucas didn't find his wife on "The Bachelorette" this time around, but said he'd "absolutely" be part of the show again, admitting that the 25:1 odds to nab the leading lady are "tough." What's on his checklist for the perfect woman? "I want a down to earth girl. I want somebody who enjoys traveling and understands a good work ethic…I want someone to wake up next to me….Someone who loves me for me," he documented.

If he's not cast as the next "Bachelor," Lucas said Ryan would be "decent" in the role. "Those women better be very energetic. I hope they have a lot of Red Bull." He added, "I think a perfect candidate in my mind would be Ben F."

Along with Ames, J.P. and Constantine, Ben F. will be introducing Ashley to his family on Monday's episode of "The Bachelorette" on ABC, so if all goes well, he may not even be eligible to be cast next season.