Bentley Gets Bashed as Ashley and Eliminated Bachelors Reunite


When some of the hunky gentlemen Ashley Hebert eliminated in earlier rounds of "The Bachelorette" reunited for the "Men Tell All" episode, the topic of Bentley got the panel fired up.

Blake labeled Bentley's behavior as "a terrible display of humanity" and characterized the season's biggest villain as "a narcissist, liar, and a coward."

Emotional after watching clips of some of Bentley's most infamous and vulgar statements, Ashley uttered that she felt "like a fool" for falling for his shenanigans. She found it difficult to be "played on national television, being called an ugly duckling, and people being really hard on me." Ashley has insisted that she didn't know his true feelings towards her until watching the storyline unfold on TV. Looking back on the epic "Bachelorette" saga, she said, "The hardest part is seeing how much time I wasted."

Was Bentley there to defend himself? Tune in Sunday night to find out when "The Bachelorette: Men Tell All" erupts with unfiltered opinions on ABC.

On Monday, "The Bachelorette" finale airs when fans find out if Ashley has chosen Ben, J.P., or neither as her future husband. Following the dramatic conclusion, the couple will sit with host Chris Harrison for "After the Final Rose" to discuss their relationship.