'Bachelorette' Ashley's Family Compares Two Contenders To Brad Womack


Ashley Hebert's biggest heartbreaker may not be Bentley after all. Enter her sister Chrystie, who ruffles her sibling's feathers quite a bit on the season finale. With the narrowed field of two bachelors, Ashley wanted her sister to embrace both men as potential brothers-in-law. Instead, Ashley faced rash resentment.

"I don't think he's the one," Chrystie said bluntly. "Am I here to sugar-coat it? I have to be true to how I'm feeling and I'm not feeling it." Ashley replied, "It's heartbreaking because I really, really care about him." She added that her suitor felt "defeated" and "like a failure" after a private inquisition by Chrystie.

The girls' mom came to the rescue, sort of, with her maternal support, saying neutrally, "I think she's okay with him. Maybe not overly [excited] like she was with Brad." Ashley told her sister, "With Brad I was myself and the truth is if you think that I was better with Brad...we're in a different world because what I feel with both of these guys is so different."

Cleverly omitting the bachelor in question's identity, Ashley's family simply refers to the possible fiancé-to-be as "he" and "him" throughout the conversation. Fans will have to wait until the episode airs Monday on ABC to find out if Ben or J.P. has torn the Hebert Family apart.

First, the already eliminated bachelors will reunite on Sunday night for "Men Tell All." Following Monday's finale, Ashley and her main man will sit with host Chris Harrison for "After the Final Rose," where they'll have the chance to discuss the family feud in Fiji.