Exclusive: Valerie Bertinelli's Fun & Flirty Photo Shoot


Polka dots! Florals! Satins! Valerie Bertinelli gets fresh and flirty in a brand-new photo shoot for Prevention magazine.

Life is good for the 51-yr-old star of TV Land's popular comedy "Hot in Cleveland." Bertinelli was recently remarried this year and her show is a critics and ratings success, both of which have the actress glowing with love.

I'm really happy that I'm on it," Valerie says of the hit program. "I think it's a show that people are comfortable with, and you laugh out loud watching it. I know if I wasn't on the show, I'd be watching it being really, really jealous that I wasn't on it."

As for what new hubby Tom Vitale thinks of Bertinelli's on-screen love interests, she tells Prevention the men "don't concern him." In fact, the only person bothered by Valerie's TV kisses is Valerie herself. " I don't like kissing people that I shouldn't be kissing. I just wanna kiss one man for the rest of my life and that's him, so, but I guess I'm paid to do it so I guess there's worse things I could be paid to do."

Valerie's issue of Prevention magazine is on stands now.