George Lopez: TBS Dropped Me Because 'I'm Brown'


The sudden announcement that Lopez Tonight would come to an abrupt end this week seemed as much of a surprise to host George Lopez as it did for the rest of us.

To a reception of roaring boos, Lopez relayed the bad news to his audience, attempting to make light of the situation with humor. In particular, he throws somewhat racially pointed jab at his soon-to-be former parent company, TBS.

Lopez joked, "Sony announced they're doing a sequel to the Smurfs movie…so today I lost some work because I'm brown, but also I got some work because I'm blue."

The gag may or have not been made with seriousness seeing as his trademark humor is directed heavily to the Hispanic community, however at present the public has been left to read through the lines as details of the cancellation have yet to be revealed.

Late night host Conan O'Brien addressed the issue on his own show, relaying his show of support for Lopez and his staff. He said, "Had it not been for George being so incredibly supportive of me a year and a half ago, I would not have come to TBS and we would not be doing this show. I owe that man a lot, and frankly it makes me very sad that TBS and George could not work this out. I really like being a part of a late night line up with George and I wish that this could have continued."

Lopez Tonight will air its final episode tonight.