Russell Armstrong's Lawyer Reveals Financial Woes


Ronald Richards, Russell Armstrong's longtime attorney, took some time to talk about his surprising death. While there hasn't been any indication for Russell's motive, Richards did shed light on some suggestions he provided to his client before appearing on TV.

“Prior to him embarking on the reality show, I advised him of the collateral affects of a reality show," Richards said. "Those predictions came true because as the show progressed, he was working less."

Richards went into further detail on how Russell was in basic Los Angeles financial trouble, spending more than he made. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was living beyond his means, a trait Richards attributed to the show and its "keeping up with the Joneses" lifestyle. He also refuted reports that Russell was millions in the hole and any abuse claims, stating that making sure his client's name wasn't defamed in that light was one of the chief reasons he's provided his services.

Hear more from Russell's attorney, including any future plans within the family, and more in the video!