Psychic Allison DuBois on 'Housewives' Suicide


Although Allison DuBois had only met the women of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills once (apart from close friend Camille Grammer) during what would soon after be dubbed "the dinner party from hell," the now infamous psychic tells Entertainment Tonight her brief encounter lent DuBois great insight into what may have led to Russell Armstrong's recent suicide

Speaking to ET from her home in Arizona via Skype, Allison recounts the night she met the Real Housewives cast, explaining the influence of reality television cameras as a definite factor which would later derail the Armstrong family into an unavoidable tragedy.

"It had to be difficult that all his problems were being made so public," DuBois says. "It was inevitable that someone was going to almost get, you know, pushed over a line."

Although admitting she hadn't yet talked to Taylor since her estranged husband's death, Allison claims her psychic sense can feel Russell's spirit communicating to her that he decided to take his life out of "desperation."

"He was really down on himself and it culminated in his death," DuBois says. She goes on to explain that his recently departed spirit was telling her that Russell wanted Taylor to meet somebody "more deserving" as a husband and as a father to their daughter Kennedy.

Watch the full interview for more of Allison's insight into the Armstrong family's recent tragedy.