The High-Tech Vigilantes of 'Person of Interest'


As we begin to round out an exciting week of Fall premieres, the creator of Lost, J.J. Abrams, will debut the brand-new thriller Person of Interest tonight on CBS.

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J.J. isn't the only element of the popular drama series returning to television. Actor Michael Emerson (who played Ben Linus / Henry Gale in TV's Lost) comes to the series as Finch, a "shadowy tech Billionaire" who works with the Government to create a crime solving, super computer. 

Soon frustrated with the Government's preoccupation with Terror crimes, Finch becomes a renegade, computer-savvy crime fighter off the clock.

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"He becomes obsessed with the smaller more personal crimes. The stuff that falls through the cracks like murders, kidnappings and the like and he feels duty bound to do something."

Jim Caviezel plays John Reese, a former CIA agent rescued from limbo, who joins forces with Finch as a right hand man of sorts.

The Dark Knight screenwriter Jonathan Nolan created the new show and occasionally takes a turn as writer, so we may just have some seriously blockbuster television on our hands here.

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Don't miss the exciting series premiere tonight on CBS!