Kim's Tearful Plea to save Her Marriage


As Kim and Kourtney come to find themselves living separate lives from their significant others, a visit from Khloe sparks a move towards reconciliation for both sisters.

Kris' decision to leave New York for Minnesota came rather abruptly after one week of "too many distractions," but Khloe steps in with her successfully-married words of wisdom and Kim is soon on a flight to the Midwest in an effort to find some sort of middle ground with her husband. Unfortunately, they all too quickly discover that Kim's idea of compromise isn't exactly the same as Kris'.

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After a heated battle of words, the newlyweds fail to make any headway of their time-sharing dilemma. Kim argues her 18-hr workday is not something she can manage living in Minnesota, while Kris contends that sharing a place in New York with Kourtney, Scott and Mason is far too distracting for him, and flying back and forth between the states is too costly an option.

As their argument meets a fiery draw, Kim storms off to pack her suitcase, but seeing his wife in tears breaks down Kris's resolve and he vows to make more sacrifices on his part to make the relationship work. "Marriage is all about compromise," he concedes. "I'm willing to compromise in this situation."

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In the meantime, Kourtney and Khloe head to the Hamptons to spend the weekend with Mason's grandparents, but are surprised to discover that Scott is there also. Still reeling from their last blow up, Kourtney isn't sure she's ready to face the father of her child, but Khloe steps in as a couple's counselor of sorts, and the two are well on their way towards a working compromise. Scott will keep an eye on his drinking habits, while Kourtney will try to wean Mason out of bed so they can spend more romantic time together.

The episode ends on a hopeful note with Kris returning to their NYC apartment, however tensions are high between Kim and Khloe following an profanity-laced, "disrespectful" argument which has them on barely speaking terms.

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Teased for the next week: Kim wants to start planning for children, but decides she's unwilling to compromise by moving the Midwest, telling Kris she will "never move to Minnesota, ever."

Kourtney and Kim Take New York again next Sunday night on E!