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After the near-apocalyptic blowup between Charlie Sheen and his bosses at CBS and Warner Bros., a pile of skeletons were brought out of the closet. In the next issue of TV Guide Magazine,Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre spilled another revelation never heard until now.

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"I offered to quit the show last winter," said Lorre, who called the ordeal "painful". "I'll be sorting it out for a long time."

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As shocking as the conflict came to the rest of the world watching, the situation was somewhat familiar territory for Lorre. He left another show he created, Grace Under Fire, after butting heads with star Brett Butler.

In the new TV Guide issue, which hits stands Thursday, Lorre poses with some of the hottest commodities of the small screen -- Emmy winners Melissa McCarthy (star of Mike & Molly), Jim Parsons (star of The Big Bang Theory) and Jon Cryer (star of Two and a Half Men) -- three actors with different styles, but they all have the same boss. All three TV shows are executive produced by Lorre.

Check out the magazine for more on one of the most successful names in the history of television.