Popeyes 'Undercover Boss' Eats Lunch at Taco Bell


Undercover Boss
has given high-ranking company officials the chance to see first-hand what its like to be an employee in their own company, and for Popeyes chief talent officer Lynne Zappone it's an eye-opening experience.

Working undercover in the kitchen at one of the chain's restaurants, Zappone is caught off-guard when one the other employees asks her if he wants to join her on a lunch break—at Taco Bell.

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"I don't really eat here because it's just too expensive," the employee reveals to Zappone, citing the fact that he doesn't get an employee discount at Popeyes.

After an extended conversation about the topic on the car ride to Taco Bell, Zappone realizes that her company's lunch break policies need to be modified to better accommodate the employees.

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Check out the full sneak peek of this week's Undercover Boss above. The full episode will air tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS.