'Mike & Molly' Stars Hint about the Big Wedding


The cast and crew of the popular sitcom Mike & Molly was honored by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and ET got some hints about what to expect from the show's upcoming wedding between the title characters.

When asked about the upcoming big day in the show, the stars all hinted that there would be some drama given the characters involved.

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Billy Gardell said, "We have too crazy of a family for [the wedding] to be drama-free"; Nyambi Nyambi cited Mike's inability to deal with something like a wedding and revealed that "something crazy [was] going to happen"; and Katy Mixon hinted that her character "could be high throughout the whole thing."

While you'll have to tune in for yourself to see what happens in the show's much-anticipated ceremony, the cast expressed a great sense of camaraderie on- and off-set and emanated a true sense of pride for the show and its special honoring.

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