Anjelica Huston Teases Her 'Smash' Singing Debut!


To say that Anjelica Huston has been relishing her role as the delicious Broadway producer Eileen Rand is an understatement. In fact, the typically composed icon adorably devolves into a giggly fan when talking about Smash. As she did last Thursday while chatting with ETonline at the Graydon Carter hosted New York premiere for the new Starz series, Magic City (which stars Anjelica's brother, Danny).

In addition to teasing a few upcoming spoilers (Eileen sings!), I got Anjelica's take on video games, martini throwing and the show's most controversial character, Ellis!

ETonline: Congratulations on the season two renewal!

Anjelica Huston: Thank you so much! It's so exciting.

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ETonline: Here's hoping we get to see Eileen taking down a few more video game creatures! That Big Buck Hunter scene was epic!

Huston: [laughs] Thank you – I had never seen [that game] before I needed to play on the show, but I got very acquainted with it very quickly!

ETonline: How about throwing martinis in people's faces?

Huston: Now that I was automatically good at [laughs]. I am the idiot savant of martini throwing!

Smash Snags A Season Two

ETonline: On the show, it looks like a relationship is blooming with that bartender. Fair to say?

Huston: Blooming? I think it's happening. She's cautious but it's coming.

ETonline: How about Ellis -- is she cautious of him?

Huston: He's a little snake in the grass, isn't he? But a very charming snake. Which is fine as long as he's working for you. But not to be trusted, that's for sure.

ETonline: Will Eileen catch onto that?

Huston: I don't want to give away secrets, but I think she's already very aware of his devious ways. It's more about how far she'll let him go.

ETonline: The season finale features a full staging of The Marilyn Musical -- how excited should fans be?

Huston: Oh, very. The dancers are so great. And getting to watch Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty do what they do so well has been a delight. It's really something. I get a bit jealous [laughs] and then I see how tired they are.

ETonline: So no songs for Eileen then?

Huston: Well, we have a big full cast musical number coming up that I get to sing in, so that's fun. I look forward to more next season, that's for sure.

Smash airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC.