'Up All Night' Cast Goo Goo Ga Ga for Babies

Paley Center

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, the cast of Up All Night left their kids nesting at home on Tuesday night while they talked babies at Paley Center for the Media. The show's renewal for a second season is still up in the air, but potential plotlines could change the dynamic of the core threesome of Maya Rudolph, Christina Applegate, and Will Arnett.

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Christina has fallen in love with the little twin girls who play her daughter Amy and would "protest" if the show decides to flash-forward in time. "I don't want new babies," she objected. "[I'm] putting my foot down. [They're] part of the family."

Age gap aside, the co-stars have bonded off screen too. Christina's daughter Sadie is often a fixture on the kid-friendly set and has "play dates" with her fictional daughters. The girls' parents also attended the panel in Beverly Hills and gave their blessing for Will Arnett to share his hockey genes by teaching the now-walking toddlers to ice skate on an episode.

That doesn't mean that Christina's character Reagan won't welcome baby #2. Open to endless possibilities, she said, "That would be great, adding the pressure of a baby again." Maya's role of career-focused Ava may also warm up to the idea of motherhood. "She uses Chris and Reagan for the watermark of where she'd like to be," the comedic actress hinted. "Maybe baby, maybe no baby."

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The show has featured flashbacks of Reagan and Chris' proposal and the parents-to-be in the delivery room. The false labor pains were based on Christina's real-life experience of giving birth. "It was cathartic to relive those moments," she said.

One flashback that viewers have yet to get a glimpse of is the happy couple's nuptials. Not putting thought into the ceremony until the question was posed on Tuesday, the cast envision it as a destination wedding. Maya joked she'd like it to be a "three episode arch" and Will added he'd like it somewhere tropical to reap the benefits of shooting on location.

NBC has already broadcast Up All Night's season finale.