Gay Marriage Support Brings Tears To 'The Talk'

Gay Marriage Support Brings Tears To 'The Talk'

Barack Obama's recent support of same-sex marriage was the topic du jour today at The Talk and it wasn't long before the tears started flowing.

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Sharon Osbourne was the first to choke up at the very mention of President's historic announcement, but it was openly gay co-host Sara Gilbert's emotional words that really got the waterworks going.

"From a personal point of view," Gilbert began with great emotion, "I just feel like it's really difficult to teach your children about treating people fairly and treat them about equality and then explain to them about why you can't get married."

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She continues, "Three generations down the line, I really believe and I hope that people will be shocked that it was ever illegal for gay people to be married."

Barack Obama's ground-breaking statements were aired in an interview snippet with ABC News' Robin Roberts on Wednesday, in which he explains that his new stance is the result of what he referred to as an "evolution" in his thought process. He is the very first sitting President to do so.

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Watch the clip for the ladies' entire emotional discussion.

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