'Bachelorette' Emily Embarks on Hometown Dates


Emily Maynard and her four remaining suitors return to the United States after weeks of romancing abroad, and the time has come for the Bachelorette to meet her potential in-laws!

First up, Chris welcomes Emily to his hometown of Chicago wherein the love-struck bachelor kicked off the momentous date with a visit to a castle. Later, the two meet up with Chris' entire family and his very-protective father and sister are quick to issue the third degree. Thankfully, she seems to pass their test with flying colors.

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Chris takes this opportunity to apologize for his "baby"-like behavior at last week's final rose ceremony, confessing that he's falling in love with her which pleases her greatly.

Next, Jef takes Emily on a tour of his expansive ranch in St. George, Utah. After a thrilling ride on his ATV, the two take in a round of skeet shooting before meeting the family, and the bachelorette surprises her date with her pistol prowess.

Initially nervous about meeting Jef's family, Emily quickly warms up to the friendly bunch, which is a reassuring surprise. Shortly after, Jef reads to Emily a handwritten testament of his strong feelings for her, in turn revealing that he's "in love" with her and feels they're "meant to be." She deems it the "nicest" thing ever said to her.

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Emily treks to Scottsdale, Arizona next to meet up with Arie, who takes his lady for a spin in his Indy car before the all-important journey to his parent's house. Despite an "invisible wall" formed by his family's penchant for slipping Dutch into conversation, Emily quickly warms up to Arie's folks. Emily's private time with his mother puts her further at ease when they clear the air about her previous stint on The Bachelor and the two bond over the prospect of being a wives to Indy car drivers as Arie's father is Indy racing champ.

Lastly, Emily jets to Dallas, Texas to meet up with Sean and his family and it all goes swimmingly until he drops a bomb—he still lives at home with his parents! Emily is surprised, but takes the news quite well. It's not long however before Sean reveals that he was just goofing around with her and isn't really staying at his folk's place. The pair share a laugh and the date is a great success to the very last moment as she hops into her awaiting car. Feeling bereft of one last kiss, Sean successfully chases down Emily's departing limo for a final smooch.

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In the end, Emily embarks on what she labels "the hardest rose ceremony so far," bestowing stems to all but Chris, who appeared visibly upset at the snub. Afterwards, the two sought a private moment away from the group where the unlucky suitor demanded to know what he did wrong. Unable to give an explanation to his liking, Chris bid Emily farewell and proceeded to seethe in the post-elimination limo ride back to the hotel.

"I'm ten times the man all those *bleeping* dudes that are still there are," he vented angrily. "I loved the girl. I thought she loved me back."

An all-new Bachelorette airs next Monday at 9/8c on ABC. Emily and her final three will venture to The Caribbean island of Curacao.