Jane Lynch: My Acting Dreams Have Been Surpassed


Before the press conference for her new PSA campaign concerning managing college finances, ET caught up with Glee actress Jane Lynch, who reminisced on her dreams as an aspiring actress.

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"As a college student, I did not think that I would be...as big a star as I am," she said. "I knew I wanted to work in the theater; I knew I wanted to be, hopefully on TV and in movies...Everybody, I think, nurses a great dream for themselves, but I must say that my dreams have definitely been surpassed in recent years."

Lynch also talked about the upcoming fourth season of Glee, revealing that she was in the process of receiving the scripts of the first two episodes and didn't yet know anything about the season.

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"Our writers have taken on so much and I think they've just done a great job with it," the 52-year-old actress said. "I can't wait to see what they're doing with the kids that graduated 'cause I know they're almost all coming back."

The hit musical show has not only garnered popularity among fans all over the world but also among celebrities, who want to make a guest appearance on an episode of the peppy show. The most recent confirmed celebrity guest-stars are Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson.

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"People are campaigning to be on this show, which, I think, is a great tribute to the show," said Lynch, adding that she loves having big celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Carol Burnett, and Olivia Newton-John on the set with her. "It's kind of a...preposterous dream come true."

With her dreams met and exceeded, Lynch wants to make sure that others are presented with the opportunity to achieve their dreams through education, and has become the enthusiastic face of the "Don't Major in Debt," campaign. For more about the campaign, click here.