Cool J Teases 'Shocking Surprise' on 'NCIS: LA'


After an explosive finale to NCIS: LA's third season, actor and rapper LL Cool J teased to ET that the show will pick up with the same intensity when it returns for its fourth season this fall.

"Season 4: it gets dirtier; it gets a little deeper," Cool J said of the upcoming season of the crime drama. "There is one shocking surprise in the opening episode. I hope you guys can handle this one...It should be a lot of fun. I hope people enjoy it."

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In addition to the excitement of another season of NCIS: LA, the 44-year-old also discussed the six Emmy nominations that were received by this year's Grammy Awards, which he hosted.

"Getting through it," the New York native mentioned as the highlight of hosting the show. "When I took my bowtie off, I was happy we got through it in one piece. That's it. [The show] was...deep," he added, making reference to last-minute adjustments that were made to the show due to the death of Whitney Houston.

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Cool J is surrounded by Emmy nominations this year, as NCIS: LA is nominated as well for Outstanding Stunt Coordination. Stunts being a key component of the series, Cool J praised the show's stunt coordinator, Troy James Brown, for his "fantastic" work.

"He makes me feel comfortable doing the stunts that I do," Cool J praised of NCIS: LA's stunt coordinator. "He deserves [the Emmy nomination]. He definitely deserves it. I think we have some really cool action on the show."

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Cool J has quite an eventful September awaiting him, as the new season of NCIS: LA premieres two days after the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards take place on September 23.