Introducing the '3' Ladies


The brand-new dating series 3 is all about the three lovely ladies who are looking for true love, and we're exclusively with Libby, April and Rachel as they give us a tour of their beautiful house in Chicago where they filmed the show!

Twenty-four-year-old model Libby Lopez is set on finding a man who shares her same religious beliefs and has "humble confidence" written on his forehead.

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April Francis is a 27-year-old entrepreneur who has recently had an unlucky streak finding love but is so keen on finding love and becoming a wife and mother that she would be willing to give up her prosperous career for it.

And 34-year-old Rachel Harley is a widow who has had to struggle to balance raising her children and maintaining a job while continuing to mourn the death of her husband to brain cancer.

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With a variety of dating shows like the Bachelor series and even celebrity dating shows like The Choice, 3 host Alex Miranda explained what distinguishes the new show from the rest of the pack.

"'3' is a relationship show, not a dating show," he said. "It's the quest for these three women to find the one not someone."

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Unlike other dating shows, the women will meet a large quantity of nearly 100 men before they even begin to narrow down the competition. Although the women may find themselves at odds every once in a while, they're mainly there for each other as companions.

Check out the premiere of the brand-new series 3 tonight at 10 p.m. on CBS.