'Vegas' Hearkens Back to Sin City in the '60s


Vegas is often known for its uniquely boisterous atmosphere and as a city that encourages behavior that doesn't leave the city; however the new series Vegas takes a different perspective on the city and centers in on law enforcement in the 1960s. ET recently caught up with the cast, who expressed excitement for the upcoming show set in Sin City.

"What I love about 'Vegas' is...that we have these dangling story lines and they continue and everything is interwoven," said Dennis Quaid, who portrays former Las Vegas sheriff Ralph Lamb on the show. "Rather than doing just a procedural-crime [with] a different crime every week...this is going to be something people get involved with as time goes on."

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The rest of the cast conveyed similar thoughts on the show's relation to its genre as a procedural. As Carrie-Anne Moss revealed, she did not realize that the show was considered a procedural after reading the script.

"I honestly didn't even know it was a procedural until we started shooting it. That's maybe how naive I am or how well-written it was," she recounted. "[It] didn't cross my mind at all that it was a procedural and I'm actually doing most of the procedural stuff."

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Jason O'Mara, who has held roles on a few procedural dramas in the past, agreed with his co-star that the script has a more substantial feel to it then the average procedural that switches the storyline each episode.

"It does read like a character-driven story even though we acknowledge the procedural beats," the Irish actor said. "What was really refreshing to me...is the serialized nature of the storyline. The script in the follow-up to the pilot deals with what has happened...so it's not just a self-enclosed story...We're actually still dealing with the repercussions of what has taken place, and I thought that was just terrific."

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Although the show takes place in Vegas, its pilot was shot at Santa Fe Studios in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

will premiere September 25 at 10 p.m. on CBS.