Behind the Scenes at 'The Jeff Probst Show'


Jeff Probst, the Emmy Award-winning host of Survivor, has a new daytime talk show and ET is taking you behind the scenes!

We caught up with Probst on set of The Jeff Probst Show, debuting September 10, who joked that his core audience will likely be surprised to see this revealing new side of him.

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"I think the biggest surprise for people will be that I'm not just the guy from Survivor," he laughs, crediting his recent nuptials as inspiration for embarking on his new venture.

"Once I got married and these great kids came into my life, I started realizing… 'God, there's another part of my personality,' says Probst, who tied the knot with wife Lisa Ann Russell in December 2011. Russell has two children from a previous marriage with Franklin & Bash star Mark Paul Gosselaar. "I'm learning how to be a parent and a new husband and it seems to fit in daytime. It felt like there was maybe a conversation I could be a part of."

So, what might viewers expect from The Jeff Probst Show?

"We'll take one theme for the day," he reveals, telling ET there will be an emphasis on human interest stories in the hour-long show airing weekdays.

VIDEO: More Behind-the-Scenes Footage of 'The Jeff Probst Show'

"We're always going to have a relationship element. What guys are thinking about certain topics... Connecting men and women in the different ways we approach life, love and sex."

Watch the video above for a sneak peek of The Jeff Probst Show premiering Monday, September 10. Check your local listings.

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