'Scandal' Cast Previews 'Unpredictable' Premiere


When the doors closed on Pope & Associates last season they were preparing to manage an unprecedented internal crisis as the police had come to arrest one of Olivia's employees, and audiences were left wondering "Who Is Quinn Perkins?"

Scandal's sensational season two premiere immediately resolves that question, but as we've come to expect from creator Shonda Rhimes, every answer only begets infinitely more questions. "My mind was blown by the season premiere," Kerry Washington tells ETonline. "I still have questions, and we're now filming episode six." But it's that mix of resolution and riddle that continues to titillate the show's stars.

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"When I read the first episode back, I re-read it all day," Katie Lowes, who plays Quinn, says. "It made perfect sense with everything we'd done last season, but is also totally unbelievable. It's part of this much bigger conspiracy that is huge and involves a million of the other characters, Washington D.C. politics and I still don't have all the answers by episode six!"

But questions surrounding Quinn's identity wasn't the only thread left dangling in the season one finale -- there was also the small issue of Olivia's heart, which she voluntarily broke by cutting President Fitzgerald out of her life. "They're both very much trying to do the right thing, but this won't be an easy ride off into the sunset situation," Kerry says. "Olivia wants to do what's right for the country, for their marriage and for her sanity -- but there remains a strong pull to Fitz."

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The one thing every actor stressed was how important it is to expect the unexpected on Scandal! "We're all really unpredictable," Guillermo Diaz, who plays Huck, tells ETonline. "You think you know who the characters are, but even the actors are surprised by every scripts, and who our characters evolve into are and that's what excites me the most -- we never know what's coming.

Scandal premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.