Green Day Invades 'CSI: NY' - EXCLUSIVE CLIP


Green Day and CSI: NY share an interest in using their art for social commentary, so it makes perfect sense that the two entities are teaming up for an entirely Green Day-scored episode!

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In the October 19 episode, tunes from Green Day's new (UNO!) and forthcoming (DOS!, TRE!) albums will narrate dialogue-free action sequences and ETonline has an exclusive clip from the episode!

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In the scene, Flack (played by Eddie Cahill) is chasing a gunman following a political rally shooting. The gunman tosses his gun into a dumpster, which is where two kids later find it. While the boy twirls the weapon, he accidentally kills his female friend, named Amy. The scene in question involves the team processing the crime scene while Green Day's song, Amy, plays.

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"My ultimate goal was to tell a story without dialogue, and Green Day's music and lyrics beautifully accompanied the visuals making it a very special episode," said CSI: NY executive producer Pam Veasey, who also wrote the episode.

Check out ETonline's exclusive sneak peek and tune in to CSI: NY this Friday at 8 p.m. on CBS.