Gabby Douglas Makes a Cameo on 'Vampire Diaries'


As if the thrill and pride of winning two gold medals at the London Olympics weren't enough, Entertainment Tonight invited Gabby Douglas to the set of her favorite show, The Vampire Diaries, where she got to meet the cast and even made a cameo.

While the 16-year-old gymnast was star-struck to meet the cast of her favorite show in person, the cast revealed that they were just as star-struck to meet her, an Olympic gold medalist, after watching her and the USA women's gymnastics team make their name in history in London this past summer as the Fierce Five.

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"It was really cool," said Nina Dobrev ("Elena Gilbert"), who competed in rhythmic gymnastics when she was younger. "We're such a big family and everyone [on the show] was invested in her story and in her success, and...everyone was just really excited to meet her."

Ian Somerhalder ("Damon Salvatore"), whom Douglas revealed to be her favorite actor on the show, echoed Dobrev's excitement to have the Olympian on the set and also expressed his pride in her accomplishments.

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"It really is incredible to have her here," he said. "She's done extraordinary work out in the world, and what's she's accomplished is just incredible and we're all extremely proud of her. She brought home the gold for the USA, and it's pretty incredible to have her here."

Just as Gabby keeps up on all the Vampire Diaries episodes, the cast revealed that they were glued to the television during the Olympic gymnastic events this summer. Candice Accola ("Caroline Forbes") said that the suspense from watching the events brought out a nervous habit.

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"I watched the women's gymnastics and I watched her take [the] all-around and the team [gold medals]... I was on the edge of my couch. I bit all of my fingernails off," Accola said. "I only bite my fingernails during scary movies--and apparently, the Olympics. So, [there's a] fun fact."

Gabby Douglas' cameo on The Vampire Diaries airs tomorrow (Nov. 29) at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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